Utica Now Needs an Editor


Hello and Welcome to Utica Now!

We're your new source for local news in Utica, New York. As with many upstate cities and towns, Utica is desperate for a great central location for news and events relevant to our community.  Our hope is this site will be just that.

We believe Utica Now will become THE spot to keep up with current information from our schools, our city hall, our religious organizations and our businesses.  So much of the news we read or watch pertains to national or state-wide issues while the local news that directly affect our lives fall out of focus. We experience daily life in Utica, we’re invested in the community, and we want to see it thrive.

To make Utica Now a success, we need someone committed to this community to take charge of the site and become its editor. All the tools needed to make this profitable are built into the site and we can help you navigate them and make this site grow. If you're up for the job or know someone who is, please email us at utica@town.news.

From the start of the pandemic we've watched the need for a local news site grow exponentially. We want this to be a convenient stop to share the news meaningful to our community, and to celebrate all that is great about this city.

Let's make excellent local news in Utica a reality Now!

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